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What is your ESG maturity level in intelligent automation?

How do you compare to your competitors?

What is the value you can get from ESG intelligent automation?

How can ESG intelligent automation impact your stock value?

Where do you rank?

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AIAI provides company specific strategic ESG AI analytics that give you an inside out assessment of your firm’s state of ESG intelligent automation.

You don’t need expensive consultants or software vendors to perform an assessment for your ESG intelligent automation needs. Using proprietary methods and AI technology AIAI produces reliable, strategic, and action-oriented analytics for your company. We use both AI and human input to generate your company analytics.

ESG State of Awareness

AIAI measures and provides an assessment of a company’s state of awareness about artificial intelligence related ESG transformation. 


Only few companies have operationalized ESG AI. AIAI provides a reliable measure that evaluates operationalization of ESG AI in firms on several levels.


The Impact measure is divided between potential and real impact. Potential impact measures your company’s total opportunity for ESG automation. 

Strategy & Competitive Risk

Failure to automate ESG can pose a risk to a firm’s strategic position and future earnings. 

Governance and Risks

ESG intelligent automation is making a powerful impact on governance, audit, and risk management. 

Social Responsibility

Comprehensive overview of how the firm can improve its social responsibility and sustainability.

AIAI provides trainings for firms whose analytics are available.

Executives of companies whose analytics are available (check here if your company’s analytics is available) can attend a one-hour long free AI strategy seminar. Request seminar here (note: the request is made using your company email).

There are two ways to take our trainings:

With partners: We offer trainings in alliance with various professional societies such as AICPA, APICS and others.

Directly: Direct trainings can only be taken as part of corporate package. See details here.

A.I. and Corporate SrategyUnveils the mystery of artificial intelligence by explaining complex concepts in business terms. Prepares executives to take charge, lead and create dominant competitive advantage through cognitive systems. Differentiates business strategy with autonomous machines and cognitive AI economy vs. industrial era machines in industrial economy. Enables executives and strategy experts to analyze and examine strategic paths in an artificial intelligence centric economy. Provides a comprehensive review of dominant strategic models and their transformation considering changes in underlying assumptions.

A.I. and MarketingFrom customer service robots to smart analytics, artificial intelligence is having a powerful impact on Marketing. Begin by learning how to design marketing strategies that leverage and incorporate artificial intelligence. Then learn the dynamic impact of using artificial intelligence in customer management, service management, and marketing analysis. Finally, put everything together to develop a comprehensive marketing and business strategy for the cognitive economy.

AI is having a powerful impact on financial analysis, autonomous trading, auditing, accounting, taxation, and other areas of financial management. This is an introductory course to train on how to use artificial intelligence to improve financial performance of a firm. Broad areas are covered and specific examples are provided for financial innovation using artificial intelligence. The course also covers aspects of investor relations management and stock value optimization.

A.I. and Supply ChainLead, design, and manage a cognitive supply chain by creating and transforming supply chain, logistics, and procurement with artificial intelligence. Develop hands-on models and calibrate your organization’s performance with competitors. Learn to use artificial intelligence as a powerful strategic apparatus to develop a supply chain centric competitive intelligence. Understand the impact on risk management in supply chain, supplier relationship management, and procurement with autonomous agents. Develop new analytical frameworks for understanding cognitive supply chain.

AI in audit focuses on automated continuous audit. Learn about how to use AI in preaudit planning, inherent risk and internal control evaluation, audit procedures, audit reporting, forensic accounting, and assurance. Apply the concepts to design automated audits.

A.I. and Human ResourcesArtificial intelligence is redefining the role and strategic participation of HR departments. Learn how to apply artificial intelligence to enhance employee relations, skill matching, retention, onboarding, screening, interviewing, compliance and case management. Most importantly the course focuses upon how to use the artificial intelligence technology to improve the employee morale and satisfaction.

AI in CSR is a course designed to understand how your firm can use AI to create a better world. Learn how to perform materiality assessment, develop strategies, add structure, manage programs, and receive feedback using artificial intelligence.

Identify the challenges of ethics in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) economy.
Recognize the dilemmas of machine intelligence ethics.
Distinguish between different ethical models and how they are applied.
Analyze various ethical and governance related situations.
Determine AI applications in various business situations and their ethical challenges.


Prof. Al Naqvi
Learn About Professor Naqvi’s Revolutionary Work

COGNITIVE (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) TRANSFORMATION EXPERT: PROFESSOR Al (A.I.) NAQVI Professor Al (A.I.) Naqvi is a leading expert in transforming companies from the “e” to the “ai” era…

Dr. Stuart Russell Answers AIAI Executive Series Questions

I am honored to interview Dr. Russell and get his thoughts. He is a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence, Professor of Computer Science and Smith-Zadeh Professor in Engineering, University of California, Berkeley,…

dr mark munoz
AIAI Researcher and Visiting Professor Advising Harvard Kennedy School Initiative in AI

Dr. J. Mark Munoz, visiting international chancellor at AIAI, has been appointed as an advisor to the Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

Our clients say

Today the CI (Competitive Intelligence) profession has been revolutionized as 11 professionals from top companies such as Dell and Lockheed Martin became the first group to be certified in AI in CI or Cognitive Competitive Intelligence. CCI is not just about technology, it offers a new way to think about business and a new way to create shareholder value. In addition to AI, the course participants were trained in areas such as complex adaptive systems and emergence in business. This new breed of professionals will lead the future of their companies. Their own market value already spiked. Each one of them now holds highly valuable knowledge. We are proud to announce that with our alliance with American Institute of AI, we have become the first competitive intelligence organized in the world to offer Cognitive Competitive Intelligence course.
The contributions of Professor Naqvi have been fantastic. He is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker, a pioneer in the field of Applied AI.
At Blue Prism we hired AIAI to assist us with various strategic areas including sales, marketing, training, and other corporate strategy areas. With its tools, thought leadership, frameworks, models, and training program AIAI created tremendous value for us and our clients.