Company Specific ESG AI Analytics

That give you an total assessment of your firm’s state of ESG intelligent automation.

Using proprietary methods and AI technology AIAI produces reliable, strategic, and action-oriented analytics for your company.

What is covered in the ESG AI analytics

We use both AI and human input to generate your company analytics

Section 1: State of ESG AI awareness

AIAI measures and provides an assessment of a company’s state of awareness about artificial intelligence related ESG transformation. Some companies and their leadership teams are acutely aware of the impact AI can have on their ESG. Others not so much. Using AI we rate companies that are more aware of the AI’s impact on their strategy.

Section 2: Impact

The Impact measure is divided between potential and real impact. Potential impact measures your company’s total opportunity for ESG automation. The potential opportunity is measured against three standards: optimal standard given the state of the technology, industry leader standard measures the firm against the best in the industry (by functional areas), and firm’s potential measures against what the firm can achieve in 5 years. Once the potential standards are defined, the analytics measures your firm’s stock performance opportunity with ESG intelligent automation.

Section 3: Governance and Risks

ESG intelligent automation is making a powerful impact on governance, audit, and risk management. This section evaluates the risks for a firm in its governance, risk management and audit areas.

Section 4: Operationalization

Some companies have operationalized ESG AI, others have not. AIAI provides a reliable measure that evaluates operationalization of artificial intelligence in firms on several levels: a) scope; b) depth; c) quality;. a)Scope evaluates the use of AI in various functional areas. AIAI uses 13 functional areas. b)Depth measures the methods and processes being automated in a firm. AIAI analyzes that based upon over 600 basic processes and 1500+ industry specific processes. c)Quality measures the technology and algorithms used in various areas in the firm.

Section 5: Strategy and Competitive Risk

Failure to automate ESG can pose a risk to a firm’s strategic position and future earnings. This section of the analytics shows the competitive analysis of a firm and identifies the risk to its competitive position if the firm fails to implement ESG powered intelligent automation.

Section 6: Social Responsibility and Sustainability

This section provides a comprehensive overview of how the firm can improve its social responsibility and sustainability impact by using intelligent automation and compares it to what the firm is currently doing.

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Corporate Clients: Firms whose analytics are available are called AIAI Corporate Clients.

AI Software & Services Suppliers: Firms who want to develop a better understanding of clients use AIAI analytics to gain an edge on strategically selling their software and AI services. Register at AIAI marketplace.

Investors, Auditors, Asset Managers, Consultants, and Other Strategic professionals: Analytics to help professional services firms make better decisions for their clients.



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