American Institute of Artificial Intelligence and AppTek Partner to Power the A.I. Revolution: Aligning Academic Excellence with Business Results


June 6, 2017

For Immediate Release: American Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AiAi) and AppTek announced their alliance to offer education and solutions in artificial intelligence.

“With a long history of developing and delivering powerful A.I. solutions, AppTek is embarking on the next phase of its evolution, said Adam Sutherland, CEO of AppTek. From strengthening our national security to powering media, AppTek stands at the forefront of the A.I. revolution. We are proud to work with the American Institute of A.I. to bring education and solutions in the applied A.I. arena.”

“The A.I. revolution is unfolding at an unprecedented pace,” commented Al Naqvi, Professor and CEO of AiAi. “We are honored to align with a firm that truly understands A.I. and that has vast experience in sophisticated and mission critical applications.”

Michele Lee Buenafe of Morgan Lewis, Al Naqvi of American Institute of A.I. and Adam Sutherland of AppTek
Michele Lee Buenafe of Morgan Lewis, Al Naqvi of American Institute of A.I. and Adam Sutherland of AppTek

Both entities will jointly develop and offer A.I. based applications for a wide variety of industries. “Given our focus in Applied A.I., we offer unparalleled business acumen, and AppTek’s technology becomes a natural platform to launch so many new products and help various areas of business and government,” Al Naqvi added.

“We have strong technology and with applied A.I. research pioneered by AiAi, our solutions will benefit and transform industries,” Sutherland commented.

The alliance constitutes research, solutions, and education. In addition to several applied A.I. courses, with the alliance, AiAi will extend its course offerings to include Advanced Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing courses. Both entities are based in the Washington, DC area. Washington, DC is one of the fastest developing areas in artificial intelligence. The A.I. industry leverages the extensive experience and talent availability of the DC area as the US government has been an advanced user of A.I. for decades.

About American Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Focused on Applied A.I. education, research, and solutions, AiAi is the world’s only institute that is devoted to developing business and government leaders to shape and lead the artificial intelligence revolution. Through outstanding applied research, education, and practice, AiAi creates leaders who specialize in artificial intelligence centric business strategy and management, who inspire innovation and push the boundaries of possibilities, and who do it ethically and responsibly. The institute offers unparalleled research, education, and experience – and a knowledge base that only exists at AiAi. The Institute is located in the Center of Innovation and Technology (CIT) building near Dulles Airport in the Washington DC area. For more information visit

About AppTek

As a pioneer in automatic speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence; AppTek partners with its customers to provide solutions focused on closed captioning and subtitling, call center content discovery and mobile intelligent voice agents. In today’s hyper-connected and data-rich marketplace, enterprises are seeking to drive revenue, save costs and increase productivity. Customers rely on AppTek to solve for these issues by delivering the market’s robust speech technology solutions focused on mining for business insights, ensuring compliance and delivering value across the enterprise. For more information, visit