American Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Strategic Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) announce Alliance to Jointly Launch Courses in Artificial Intelligence


World’s first and most advanced artificial intelligence based competitive intelligence program

SCIP and AiAi have agreed to launch a modern and authoritative coursework and certification program to address the growing needs of applying artificial intelligence in competitive intelligence and strategy development areas.

“SCIP always strives to bring the most valuable and advanced competitive and market intelligence knowledge and information to its members. Going beyond the simulated environments and game theory, the application of artificial intelligence in competitive intelligence is critical for the success of modern enterprises. It is not just about deciphering a complex world, it is also about how to create value from the emerging technology. SCIP, an international Frost Institute non-profit, have always stayed at the cutting edge of technology and now we are partnering with the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence to create the next frontier in competitive and market intelligence. No other entity in the entire world has such a program and we are proud to be the first ones.” said Nanette Bulger CEO of SCIP.

Professor, Researcher, and President of AiAi Al Naqvi said “This is not just Information Technology, or the Internet; the Artificial Intelligence revolution is different and much bigger. Getting business executives ready for the upcoming artificial intelligence revolution is what we do. We are proud to partner with SCIP to offer this coursework and certification program. As the world moves to adopt this new technology, it is critical for today’s executives to understand the huge impact it is about to have on their businesses and strategy. We help develop executive and corporate understanding of artificial intelligence centric business and strategy.”

The coursework and certification program will be offered through the SCIP University.

About AiAi

AiAi is the world’s only institute that is devoted to developing business and government leaders to shape and lead the artificial intelligence revolution. Through outstanding research, education, and practice, AiAi creates aspiring leaders who specialize in artificial intelligence centric business strategy and management, who inspire innovation and push the boundaries of possibilities, and who do it ethically and responsibly. The institute offers unparalleled research, education, and experience – and a knowledge base that only exists at AiAi. Drawing knowledge base from multiple emerging fields (neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, psychology, mathematics, complex systems, philosophy, management science, robotics, governance, and leadership) AiAi offers numerous business and policy centric courses including: AI in Marketing, AI in Finance, AI in Supply Chain/Procurement, AI and Corporate Strategy, AI and Sales, AI and HR, and AI & Governance/Ethics. The coursework is specifically designed for business executives and corporate/government functional leaders. Besides publishing special reports and an academic journal, AiAi also performs technical research and development and assists with business model development and optimization.

About SCIP

SCIP is a 32 year global non-profit comprised of a community of business experts across industry, academia, and government who come together to build and share strategic competitive and market intelligence methodologies, research decision-support tools, processes and supporting analytics capabilities to drive robust strategy, marketing, finance and other comprehensive decision support initiatives across organizations worldwide. The resulting collaboration of our membership supports robust decision making that drives competitive advantage. Our network of professionals stems from a myriad of organizations both profit and non-profit.