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American Institute of A.I. offers 12 executive courses and 7 certification programs. Click the courses below to read the course descriptions.

Unveils the mystery of artificial intelligence by explaining complex concepts in business terms. Prepares executives to take charge, lead and create dominant competitive advantage through cognitive systems. Differentiates business strategy with autonomous machines and cognitive AI economy vs. industrial era machines in industrial economy. Enables executives and strategy experts to analyze and examine strategic paths in an artificial intelligence centric economy. Provides a comprehensive review of dominant strategic models and their transformation considering changes in underlying assumptions…..Course Details

Lead, design, and manage a cognitive supply chain by creating and transforming supply chain, logistics, and procurement with artificial intelligence. Develop hands-on models and calibrate your organization’s performance with competitors. Learn to use artificial intelligence as a powerful strategic apparatus to develop a supply chain centric competitive intelligence. Understand the impact on risk management in supply chain, supplier relationship management, and procurement with autonomous agents. Develop new analytical frameworks for understanding cognitive supply chain….Course Details

From customer service robots to smart analytics, artificial intelligence is having a powerful impact on Marketing. Begin by learning how to design marketing strategies that leverage and incorporate artificial intelligence. Then learn the dynamic impact of using artificial intelligence in customer management, service management, and marketing analysis. Finally, put everything together to develop a comprehensive marketing and business strategy for the cognitive economy…..Course Details

Artificial intelligence is redefining the role and strategic participation of HR departments. Learn how to apply artificial intelligence to enhance employee relations, skill matching, retention, onboarding, screening, interviewing, compliance and case management. Most importantly the course focuses upon how to use the artificial intelligence technology to improve the employee morale and satisfaction…..Course Details

AI is having a powerful impact on financial analysis, autonomous trading, auditing, accounting, taxation, and other areas of financial management. This is an introductory course to train on how to use artificial intelligence to improve financial performance of a firm. Broad areas are covered and specific examples are provided for financial innovation using artificial intelligence. The course also covers aspects of investor relations management and stock value optimization…..Course Details

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