Have Your Big Data Programs Turned Into a Bigfoot Quest?


In your rush to ride the wave of big data, have you turned your big data programs into what resembles the search for Bigfoot: elusive, hyped, and folklore?

In this article I will show you how to get your big data acquire the unique status of a “real” and “value creating” program moving at full pace.

Firstly, how can you tell if your big data program has turned into a Bigfoot search program? There are four symptoms:

  1. You have not defined a problem-solution driven use case and have invited consultants to tell you how big data solution can help you
  2. You are seeing a lot of presentations but nothing has been implemented
  3. Your technology departments are saying that they need to do something in “big data” but your business side is saying they don’t see any applications of big data
  4. You are struggling to get funding for your big data program

These symptoms indicate that your big data program is turning into a bigfoot search program.

Let us see how we can help you get over this problem:

First you need to do what are the things that you are not doing right. Answer the following questions as honestly as possible:

  1. Have you defined a process for identifying big data use cases?
  2. Have you placed a power team composed of neurosciences, data sciences, psychology, mathematics, linguistics  in addition to the traditional IT and business resources?
  3. Have you implemented a Value Management Office for your big data?
  4. Have you deployed a structured process for prioritizing big data use cases?
  5. Have you communicated the power of big data in your company?
  6. Have you deployed a methodology to measure the value impact of big data?

All of the above factors are critical to driving value from your big data program.