Institute Announces Unique Business Courses for Artificial Intelligence


American Institute of Artificial Intelligence is announcing various business courses that specifically focus on the artificial intelligence competitive dynamics and economy.

American Institute of Artificial Intelligence is announcing the launch of several business courses in Artificial Intelligence.

Al Naqvi, professor and researcher at the American Institute of A.I. said, “Technology firms are buying grocery stores. Tech firms are moving into the auto, financial, and healthcare sectors. They are not just offering products and services in these areas, they are becoming those sectors. Business leaders must train themselves on how to deal with these new competitive dynamics and remain relevant in the A.I. Economy.” He added “Just as Internet transformed commerce to e-commerce, artificial intelligence is changing regular business to A.I. Business. American Institute of Artificial Intelligence is the only institution in the world that prepares business leaders for that future.”

American Institute of A.I. has pioneered these courses and has developed a powerful business program for A.I. Each course trains corporate and government leaders on how to design the future of their firms by using and incorporating Artificial Intelligence.

Course offerings include:

  • A.I. in Business Strategy
  • A.I. in Finance
  • A.I. in Marketing
  • A.I. in Supply Chain
  • A.I. in Human Resources

Tiffany Parker, Head of Business Development and Operations, said, “We are meeting with C-Level officers and business strategy leaders to brief them on the need for artificial intelligence centric business courses. Our courses are not technical – they are specifically designed for business professionals. With A.I. tightly contained inside the technology sector, developers and start-up tech firms control the majority of the discourse. Business leaders need a deeper understanding from an overall strategy perspective before they incorporate technology solutions. Their focus should be on how to effectively lead their organization into the A.I. Economy, and American Institute of A.I. will be able to empower them to do that.”

Business leaders can register at: