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Brick and mortar to online shopping

As the retail sector woke up to the gloomy news of Macy’s shutting 28 stores, a fashion magazine reported that Amazon is gearing up to launch a new luxury platform. As the two stories made news in the last 24 hours, the tech pundits are rushing to claim this as yet another proof of the old story of shift from “brick and mortar” to “online shopping”. But that is only half the story. Products purchased online travel through the space-time continuum to reach consumers – and that is where we must pay attention to one of my favorite tech firms: Walmart.


Walmart joined the news club today to announce the launch of a new system named Alphabot. Alphabot can be viewed as grocery shopping robots (autonomous carts) that can collect items from shelves in a warehouse and deliver them to a grocery attendant who can inspect them for accuracy and then bag them.

Pick, Pack & Deliver

This certainly makes Walmart better positioned to offer a similar service as Amazon Whole Foods, but do it in a way that is tremendously powerful from a customer experience perspective. Pick, pack, and deliver have become the drivers of competitive advantage.

Use of artificial intelligence in business applications

Now that we have talked about the marketing aspect, it is important to recognize the powerful use of artificial intelligence in business applications. As I have stated in my AI Strategy trainings, intelligent automation is the new competitive advantage. Walmart’s Alphabot shows the powerful advantage now Walmart has over other competitors. We are increasing the Walmart ranking in our intelligent automation ranking system and adding Alert Innovation (the firm that developed the system for Walmart) on our watchlist of AI suppliers.