Learn to build business value with Artificial Intelligence


How To Generate Results?

Your goal is to create demonstratable results in your firm. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, you know you must pursue the transformation. The problem is “how”. Most executives surveyed realized that they must adopt artificial intelligence to stay competitive.

Why are Executives Confused?

AI has created mass confusion in the industry. Disappointment is mounting as executives are seeking answers from: Consulting firms, Academic Research Centers, IT firms or Consultants, and Thought Leader Professors.

Consulting Firms: When it comes to AI, traditional consulting firms are all over the place. They lack enterprise cognitive transformation model and don’t have proper resources to lead the transition. When you ask for help, they give you the same old rundown which results in recommending an existing platform (e.g. CRM or ERP) that they are comfortable with. Many have simply updated their old sales presentations for digital services with AI. When they do that, they are watching out for their own interest and not yours.

Research Institutions and professors: If you go to a typical ivy league AI research center, you will find excellent artificial intelligence researchers. Unfortunately, while they can name and understand every algorithm ever developed by mankind, they do not offer business acumen to help you transform your firms. Egalitarian research institutions are typically esoteric and deeply focused in technical research aspects and not in applied enterprise AI.

IT Consultants: The AI field is not the same as Computer Science or programming. In other words, just because IT consultants can code (program), develop e-commerce or CRM platform, doesn’t mean they can develop artificial intelligence applications. AI is different.

Thought leader business professors: Go to thought leader professors and they will give you a vision of the future that will talk about a hundred-year transformation but fails to comprehend your day to day reality. Meme and motivational speak is good but it does not deliver results. Unless you offer a deep understanding of AI technology (Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning etc.) you can paint a picture of the future, but you will not be able to show how to deliver it.

What is a Cognitist?

A cognitist is a business professional who specializes in leading business transformation with artificial intelligence technology. A Cognitist can be a consultant or a practitioner. AIAI trains and certifies business cognitists.

For far too long the business world was led by MBAs. With the rise of the AI technology, business world will observe an influx of scientists. These scientists will come from diverse fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Linguistics. In this new world, MBAs will need to upskill themselves to understand how to best use technology to create meaningful results.

What Makes AIAI Different?

Unlike any other enterprise in the world, AIAI offers the perfect blend of artificial intelligence field and business. The only research and academic institution that focuses on Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, AIAI brings to you a comprehensive framework to transform your business.

Where Is The Proof?

AIAI has a proven track record of creating powerful results and our work has been recognized by the world’s leading professional, business, and scientific societies. Read more about our work.