Learn to build business value with Artificial Intelligence


Powerful Tools

The AIAI Framework is composed of powerful tools. The AIAI toolset is both practical and highly usable. Amazingly, AIAI tools are designed for the whole corporate strategy as well as for each major functional area.

For example, each course equips you with the tools necessary to develop plans for each of the 5 major areas in business (Strategy & Competitive Intelligence, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management.

The NLP based Intelligence Scorecard ®

Using natural language processing and deep learning/neural networks this powerful tool knows your strategic strengths and weaknesses. It knows your vulnerabilities and areas you need to work on. It can show you opportunities and empower you with knowledge about your firm that you have never seen before.

It enables you to rapidly assess your firm’s intelligence level to create a competitive advantage.

After giving you a never-seen-before analysis, the Intelligence Scorecard ® gives you a score based upon the public information available on your firm (only available for public companies). Use the Intelligence Score® to understand why cognitive transformation is necessary for your business and have the ability to share the results with the organization in a precise report form.

AIAI Planner®

AIAI Planner® uses the information generated by Intelligence Scorecard® and outlines a strategy on how to create the cognitive transformation. Generate a comprehensive transformation plan for your firm. Use the plan to prioritize investment and identify projects necessary to achieve success. The AIAI Planner ® generates a comprehensive roadmap for success in your cognitive transformation.