Learn to build business value with Artificial Intelligence


Your Challenge:

  • You know that the future of your firm depends on your artificial intelligence strategy.
  • But you don’t know what that means, where to start, and how to develop a strategic plan for the AI transformation.
  • You don’t want to experiment without direction, waste millions on consulting firms that have no idea about AI transformation, or approach AI from a disintegrated, tactical, point solution perspective.
  • Your future is at stake – you need real help from academic and research organization that doesn’t work for billable hours.

Your Solution:

Your solution is as easy as 1 .. 2 .. 3

1 Learn from our courses

LEARN: First learn about AI and Cognitive Transformation. Don’t just stop at high level concepts, but take a deep dive and educate yourself by functional expertise areas (Strategy and Competitive Intelligence, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management). Each learning track comes with a powerful set of tools and models only available at AIAI.

2 Plan using our AI products

MEASURE: Using a proprietary AI based tool (AIAI INTELLIGENCE SCORECARD), understand where your firm stands in the cognitive transformation journey. Are you going to win or lose in the intelligence based competitive  environment? How intelligent is your firm? How autonomous is your firm? If your firm is a public company, a large part of the assessment is done using publicly available information.

APPLY: Using a proprietary AI based tool, generate a comprehensive plan for your Cognitive transformation. Using the plan, lead your firm to achieve a cognitive transformation. Plan gives insights about how to automate and autonomate, which processes, how to prioritize, how to govern, and how to demonstrate value.

3 Implement using a winning methodology

TECHNOLOGY: Use AIAI research to develop Proof of Concepts in Deep Learning or other types of Machine Learning. Use custom courses offered by AIAI to train your employees on Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation.

Your Benefits

  1. Successful Cognitive Transformation using proven methodology
  2. Measure and track performance
  3. Pursue transformation with a solid understanding of what you are doing, have control over the outcomes, and lead with knowledge vs. being led by consultants
  4. Become part of the AIAI Alumni Network