Shareholder Centric Data Management


Data management programs have a direct impact on the value of a firm – but most data management executives have a tough time determining the value their programs are creating. When asked to justify programs or to seek ongoing investment, the focus on compliance almost always dwarfs (eclipses) the undeniable but hard to measure value contribution. Once compliance related programs are implemented, the cash line dries out and CFO offices find it hard to justify ongoing investment in data management programs.

Even when the data governance programs get implemented with full enthusiasm and total support from the executive suite, the programs are often viewed as the necessary evil, the answer to imposed and sometimes reactionary regulatory upheavals. They are not viewed as strategic value contributor to the company.

But the data paradigm has changed. What began as a compliance centric regulatory response is now becoming a revolutionary technique to create shareholder value. The AiPost has launched a revolutionary methodology that goes much beyond simply monitoring the value creation in a data management program. It actually results in creating incremental new shareholder value by implementing a data management program.

Cash flows, risk, and expectations provide the foundation for modeling shareholder value. And reliable, usable, and available information is central to model value. The AiPost framework works as following:

  1. Data patterns critical to driving shareholder value are identified and a hot link between value creation processes and underlying data is created.
  2. Each of the data pattern is analyzed for reliability, usability, and availability of information.
  3. A data vs. value map is drawn to show the data-value frontier.
  4. Specific governance guidelines are developed for each data element.
  5. Governance program is implemented as an operational integrity management and shareholder value management program